Create a New User

Create a New User

  1. Click on the ‘Directory’ tab.
    1. Select the ‘People’ tab. 
    2.  Use the Search field to first enter the user’s name or email address.

    (This is an important step to take first before setting up a new user.)

c. Click the ‘Add Person’ button.

  2. Complete the fields with the user’s information.

  1.  The account will need to be activated. 
    1. This can be done by either clicking the ‘Send user activation email now’ check box.
    2. Click the ‘Save’ button.

  1. Or, once the information has been saved, 
    1. Click the ‘Activate’ button from the user’s page.

  1. The ‘Activate Person’ box will show on the screen.
    1. Click the ‘Activate’ button. This will automatically inform the user their account is active.

  1. Once the account has been activated the password will need to be set for the user. 
    1. Click the ‘Set Password & Activate’ button. 

b. The user will be required to set a new password when they log in.

c. Or click the ‘Resend Activation Email’ so the user can activate their account.

d. Click the clipboard icon to copy and send the temporary password to the user.

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