Create a New User (Onboarding)


Create a New User (Onboarding)

New users are added when they are a new hire and need Google Workspace for email, MPDX, WorkPlace, StaffWeb, etc.

To create a new user:

  • Click on the ‘Directory’ tab.
    • Select the ‘People’ sub tab. 
    •  Use the Search field to first enter the user’s name or email address.
  • Once you have determined the user does not already exist in Okta, 
    • Click the ‘Add Person’ button
  • Complete the fields with the user’s information.
    • The 'User Type' will default to 'User'.
    • Enter the First Name
    • Enter the Last Name
    • Enter the User Name. The User Name is the email address used to sign into Okta. The Primary email will, by default, populate to the same email used for the User Name. The two should match!
    • Although the ‘Secondary email’ says it is (Optional), it is best practice to complete this field in the event a temporary password needs to be sent to the user.

  • The account must be added to a country group. (This field will populate for most admins.) 
    • Group naming convention: Okta:Users:[region]:[country]
    • Example: Okta:Users:FA:Mali

      The group name will generally be the same as your own country group name.

The account will need to be activated by one of two methods. The first method is to send an activation link to the user by email.

  • To send an activation link to the user by email:
    • Set the Password field to "Set by User." 
    • Click the 'Send user activation email now' check box.
    • Click the 'Save' button.

Once the information has been saved, the new Okta user will receive an email from Okta to activate their account. This Welcome email is in the English language only and may need to be translated to your users

The new user will receive this screen (also in English) to set up a new password

The second method to activate the account is to send a Temporary password set by you as the administrator. This method will require you to be able to communicate the temporary password to the user:

  • Select the "Set by admin" from the drop down list. 
    • Enter the password. This password is created by you and later changed by the new user.
    • The checkbox for "User must change password on first login" will be checked.
    • Click the 'Save' button.

  • The Admin will need to communicate the temporary password to the new user. 
    • Once the user signs into Okta, they will be prompted to change the temporary email.

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