Can’t I just use one of the Multi-Factor Authentication codes I already have?

If one of those Multi-Factor Authentication codes is not Okta, unfortunately, the answer is no. 

Think of these as different digital 'keys' to open different locks.  That’s part of the added security that Multi-Factor Authentication provides. Every company that uses Multi-Factor Authentication requires a unique code to access their sites. The code you use needs to be specifically generated for your use of their sites. This might mean that you will have more than one Multi-Factor Authentication code being generated in your authenticator app: one for Google, one for Okta, Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, your bank, etc.  For your own security, if a website supports Multi-Factor Authentication (also known as MFA, 2-Step Verification, or 2SV - different companies use slightly different terms), you should use it.

The good news: you will need to set up Okta Multi-Factor Authentication only once; the same 6-digit code will work for every site that is protected by Okta. Once you configure it for use with Workplace, for example, you won’t need to configure it again for additional web sites that are protected by our deployment of Okta.

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