What Multi-Factor Authentication methods/apps do you recommend?

The Google Authenticator app is used by most of our employees. When prompted for Multi-Factor Authentication in Okta, the screens will specifically refer to using Google Authenticator, but there are lots of apps that can generate the same 6-digit codes.

LastPass, 1Password, Microsoft, Okta Verify, and Authy are just a few examples.

If you wish to use more than one device to generate the codes needed by Okta to sign-in, we recommend using the Authy app instead of Google Authenticator. Authy is a bit more technical to setup, but can be a significant help if you have multiple devices, or if you need to change devices.  This makes it simple for a couple to share MFA codes.

The Authy app runs on iOS and Android, and their Authy Desktop programs runs well on Macs and PCs. Your Multi-Factor codes are backed up to a cloud-based account and synced between all devices that are connected to the same Authy account. 

If your phone is damaged or lost, you won’t have to configure Multi-Factor Authentication for Okta all over again; you can use an alternate device (like your computer) to generate 6-digit codes, add your replacement phone, or add new devices to your Authy account.

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